Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cozy Accessories to Keep You Warm in the Winter

Fall comes, can winter be far behind? Winter calls for snowy cold weather. So, you need to dress yourself up heavily before going out! Today, we'll be featuring some of our winter essentials from Sportsman, like beanies and scarves. Our accessories are not only stylish, but keep they will keep you warm and cozy during the coldest of winter days!

Sportsman Rugby Striped Knit Beanie

Made of 100% acrylic knit, with classic style, this Sportsman Rugby Striped Knit Beanie is sure to keep you warm and fashion in cold days. It comes with various color options.Choose one and it will not let you down!

Sportsman Rugby Striped Knit Scarf

This Sportsman Rugby Striped Knit Scarf, with various awesome color combinations, is a top-selling product. It will help you to enjoy the winter and at the same time can cover up your throat. Due to 100% acrylic knitting, the warmth is kept intact.

Sportsman Bottom Stripe Knit Cap

Put yourself to the fashion front with this Sportsman Bottom Stripe Knit Cap that is made of 100% acrylic. It aims to warm you in superb comfort and is suitable for people in all head sizes. It will surely keep you in extra warm and attractive when the days cool off.

Sportsman Pom Pom Knit Cap

This Sportsman Pom Pom Knit Cap is made of 100% acrylic. 12" in length is long enough to keep you warm in Winter. Pom-pom on top is lovely and fashionable. There are more than ten colors for you to choose.

All our products can be screen printed or embroidered with logos or what you like that are wonderful gifts at this holiday season. Check out NYFifth to see more apparel and accessories!

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